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【Terms & Conditions】
About product image
  • All product images are taken in kind, and there may be a certain range of errors in color due to differences in light and display. The specifications of the object are measured by hand, and there is an error, which is expected to be understood.
  • Tea utensils are mainly made of hand-made utensils, size, shape, glaze, and traces. There may be slight differences between the tea and the pictures.
Payment method
  • Octopus, FPS, PayMe
  • Online credit card payment, VISA, MASTER, AE credit card can be used
  • Alipay Hong Kong, WeChat payment
  • ATM account remittance
Delivery and logistics
  • After the order payment is successful, according to the time of filling the order as the waiting order, the goods will be sent to you after the goods arrive.
  • Convenient transportation and weather conditions in the receiving area, the delivery time of the express delivery is generally 3-7 days, and the holiday is delayed. If the product encounters an unexpected situation, it cannot be sent to you within the above time. It must be notified in advance.

Signature for the parcel
  • Local goods are mostly fragile items, and transportation is risky. Please be sure to open the package and check if it is correct before signing. If the courier refuses to inspect the goods, you can first sign the face sheet and deduct the face sheet, ask to open the parcel face to face, and then confirm the correct, then hand over the receipt to the other party and let him leave.
  • The quantity of the product does not match: Please ask the courier to issue a written certificate immediately, or refuse to sign (this is a legitimate request, the courier has no right to refuse), in order to claim.
  • Product shipping damage: You can sign directly, and contact the after-sales customer service within 48 hours after signing to provide photos of the damage, so that you can handle it in time.
  • If you need a front desk, property or other person to sign, please transfer the above notices to the signing person, and sign the same as others.
Return and exchange conditions
  • The store promises no reason to return the goods within seven days, that is, within seven days after the receipt of the product, the product is not used, does not affect the secondary sales of the product, and the original packaging can be applied for no reason to return.
  • Return and exchange due to the following problems, return shipping (including initial shipping charges) shall be borne by the seller:
    A. Damaged transportation B. Quality problems affecting use C. Wrong product
  • Return and exchange due to the following problems, return shipping (including initial shipping charges) shall be borne by the buyer:
    A. Personal preference B. Man-made damage C. Other main factors D. Special issues noted in the product description
  • In any case of return, please follow the following terms:
    A. After contacting customer service, the two parties agree to return. B. The transportation risk during the return process shall be borne by the sender.
Overseas express
  • The overseas express delivery countries do not include lists subject to UN sanctions, such as North Korea, Iran, etc. See the latest UN sanctions committee resolutions and sanctions list https://www.jfiu.gov.hk/tc/news_watchlist.html

Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department through phone call (852) 3188 0588, WhatsApp (852) 9440 0449 (General Enquiries & After Sales Service) or send email to cs@hkt852.com.



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